In times of crisis, Rotary steps up!
As the COVID 19 pandemic began to affect supplies and increased demand at our local food pantries, the Rocky Point Rotary Club stepped up to help, and even got a little help from friends.  Since we couldn't do a food drive, we purchased $1500 worth of gift cards so they could replenish their shelves. We even got a discount from Stop and Shop. Club members Deirdre Dubato, Jeff Davis and Adam Heller spearheaded the effort.  Adam also received a plea for help from Sister Phyliss at St. Anthony's Bread Outreach, who described running very low on supplies for babies such as diapers, wipes, and formula.  Adam contacted the manager at Walmart in South Setauket who was able to get special permission for Adam to purchase extra supplies.  The manager also donated a $50 gift card and threw in $50 of her own.  Sister Phyliss was thrilled.  Thank you Adam!