Posted by Lisbeth Whitney
Rich Sanossian of Home Inspection Network. Inc.  was a guest speaker. Rich gave an informative talk about home inspections typically conducted when homes are being sold.  Rich did point out that more and more homeowners are deciding to have these inspections completed as a routine home ownership maintenance program. Rich recommended that homeowners periodically walk around their homes and look for changes and areas of concern. Rich highlighted the key areas a home inspector looks at. He pointed out that water causes the most damage to homes. Since the soil on Long Island is very sandy, termites are a big concern here. Since the insects are very smart, bait techniques have had to be modified because the termites were beginning to outsmart the process. Rich also talked about roof replacement. Many opt to put the new roof on top of the existing roof. However, this will invalidate the warranty on the new roof. We extended an invitation to Rich for a return visit since we ran out of time. Thanks to our speaker sponsor, Deirdre Dubato.